The Patterson Club
Guest Policies
The Patterson Club is a private facility situated in the Greenfield Hill section of Fairfield, CT and is open only to our members and their invited guests.
Membership is by invitation only and prospective members must be proposed by existing members. To learn more about the Club and its facilities please visit the Membership Info link.

Guests may also familiarize themselves with some of our basic policies below. 

Pace of Play
The Patterson Club requires members and guests to play a stipulated 18-hole round of golf in 4 Hours and a 9-hole round in 2 Hours. 

Electronic Communication Devices

In recognition of changing personal communication trends, as well as with a view toward safety and efficiency of child pick-up and drop-off,
we are instituting policy for electronic communication devices.
  Members are expected to ensure that their guests comply with these policies.

The policy for use of cell phones is as follows: 

1. Usage of cellular phones in voice mode, texting, or handheld games is ONLY ALLOWED in the parking lot (away from the Clubhouse, not in the parking circle area).  Texting, and the playing of handheld games are the only usages ALLOWED in the Men’s and Ladies’ Lounges. 

2. The use of cellular phones is also prohibited on the Golf Course.  However, discreet use of cellular phones for texting only on the Golf Course is permitted.  

3. Usage of cellular phones in voice mode is not allowed on the pool deck or in the area adjacent to the tennis hut.

4. All electronic communication devices must operate in silent or vibrate mode while on club property.

Golf Attire
All members and their guests are requested to adhere to the Club's Dress Code while on the golf course, the practice range and the putting green.

 1. Proper golf shoes must be worn on the course at all times; Footwear must have a low heel and either a rubber sole or Softspikes.

 2. For men, shirts should have collars and be tucked in, and shorts must be Bermuda Length, for women, conventional blouses, shorts and skorts are minimally accepted.

 3. Short sleeve mock turtlenecks must have a minimum collar height of 1.25"

 4. Denim jeans, cargo or basketball shorts, sweat suits and other exercise attire, short-shorts, bathing suits, halter tops, tank tops and any clothing with offensive language or design are not allowed in the golf area. 

 5. Tennis attire is not permitted to be worn on the golf practice areas or the golf course. 

The first section in The Rules of Golf (USGA) covers Etiquette - all members should familiarize themselves with that section.

In the interest of all golfing members, each has an obligation to observe the rules & etiquette of the game. Adherence to these rules and common courtesies will result in making the game more pleasant for everyone. The more common rules are nothing more than good manners. For example:

 A) Leave the green promptly as soon as the last player in your group has holed out.

 B) Invite the following players to play through when a ball has been lost or when it becomes obvious that they are faster players. You must call the following group through when there is a full hole open in front.

 C) Smooth out all marks that you have made in the bunkers.

 D) Replace divots and repair ball marks on the greens.

 E) Help and counsel your caddies in their expected duties.

 F) Play the course in proper sequence.

 G) Unless otherwise indicated, always park your cart between the green that you are playing and the next tee.

 H) Play ready golf. Always be prepared when it is your turn to play.

 I) Golfers using a golf cart must drop the farthest away player at his/her golf shot area and then the cart partner must move the cart to his/her ball to be ready to hit a shot in sequence. Or the player that is nearer the hole can leave the cart for the farther away player and walk to his/her ball with a golf club(s) to hit a shot.

 J) Upon hitting a golf shot the player should drive to the next shot and/or golf cart partner's ball. Replace golf clubs into the bag only upon arrival at that next point. This will help with pace of play. 

Tennis Attire
The tennis attire policy requires the wearing of predominantly white tennis clothing. Bathing trunks and suits, jeans, cut-offs, jogging shorts, gym shorts and t-shirts are not permitted in the tennis area. Predominantly white headgear may be worn. People not appropriately attired will not be allowed to use the facilities. 

Pool Attire
Guests in bathing attire are restricted to the terrace area immediately surrounding the pool. Proper attire is required for walking to and from the clubhouse, the golf area and locker rooms, or tennis courts. In accordance with Club rule, denim jeans are not allowed in the pool area. Guests shall wear respectable bathing attire. 

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