The Patterson Club

Membership Application Process

Thank you for your interest in membership at The Patterson Club, a private, year-round country club, situated on 163 acres in Fairfield, Connecticut, offering a variety of exceptional dining, social, racquets, aquatics, and golf activities for the entire family. The Club’s mission, as envisioned by founding members in 1929, is to promote good fellowship among kindred spirits. A multi-step Sponsored Membership Application Process is informed by the mission and offers a period of discovery and evaluation. Our members play an active role in the identification and development of prospective members and those seeking membership must be sponsored by three Full Privilege or House, Tennis, and Pool members with no less than six months tenure. Please keep in mind that membership, with corresponding privileges and responsibilities, may only be extended by the Board of Directors following an affirmative vote.

We look forward to becoming acquainted through your participation in the Sponsored Membership Application Process. Potential candidates are encouraged to contact the Membership Director for additional information.

Bob Bonafide, Co-Chair
Membership Committee

Liz Archibald, Co-Chair 
Membership Commitee

Heather Petrecca
Membership & Marketing Director

Please share your interest in membership here.

The Sponsored Membership Application Process

  • Establish an Interest in Membership
    • Contact the Membership Director
    • Participate in a Club Tour
    • Discuss your interest with current members
  • Initiate an Application for Membership
    • Secure one primary and two secondary sponsors
    • Complete a Membership Application
    • Request a Membership Interview
  • Participate in Applicant Evaluation
    • Attend a Membership Interview with Membership Committee Representatives
    • Authorize a background check
    • Complete a 30-day Club posting period
    • Attend a Board of Directors Reception
    • Participate in other interactions as requested
  • Notification and Securing an Offer of Membership
    • An offer of membership may only be extended by the Board of Directors
    • Applicant and sponsors are notified of the outcome of the Board of Directors’ vote
    • Applicant must secure an offer of membership according to the terms provided