The Patterson Club

Membership Process

The mission of the Club is "to promote good fellowship among kindred spirits" and the membership process is intended to identify, introduce and welcome candidates in the community who exemplify this mission.

The Club seeks candidates through its members and the Membership Committee and all candidates are approved by the Board of Directors.

The membership process is built on personal relationships and the candidate will have a member as a primary sponsor and at least two additional members as secondary sponsors. The sponsors should know the candidate well and should actively assist the candidate with making connections to other Patterson Club members. Although additional sponsors are not required, the Club membership believes that great clubs are built on great personal relationships and the depth and breadth of the application can only be enhanced by more sponsors.

The role of the primary sponsor is to introduce the candidate to the Club and assist the candidate with the application documentation and process, including providing a recommendation letter (together with the secondary sponsors) supporting the approval of the candidate by the Board of Directors. The Membership Committee actively assists the primary sponsor and candidate with this entire process.

Since the process is built on personal relationships, the candidate will often discover that they know many Club members through their employment or industry or community activities involving school, youth sports, religious affiliations or charitable events. One role of the primary sponsor and the Membership Committee is to facilitate these personal connections with Club members that may develop into sponsor support for the candidate. 

Upon submission of the application and the sponsor recommendations, the candidate will be invited to meet with the Board of Directors at an informal social gathering to complete the personal connection prior to the final consideration of the candidate at its next monthly board meeting.

The membership process at the Patterson Club is intended to be a welcoming experience of mutual discovery and potential candidates are encouraged to contact the Membership Director with questions.